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Pad Mapper

A service for Chrome.

It is kinda similar with what we are working on. A bit tricky to see this announced right before my examination. One the other hand, good to know that we are on the same pace making services that people really need.


A prototype for a multi-platform mobile application for brokers and investors in commercial real estate.

Map-Based search is dead?

An artical talked about Why the Map-Based Search Is Dead.

"If the user doesn’t know the area, results on a map mean nothing."

It doesn’t say anything about streetscapes, neighborhood quality, architecture style or anything else they need to know.

Of course details are available when users click through from the main map interface to some sort of listing detail page, but that is backwards from what users really need.  They need that info BEFORE they view the listing on a map.


I totally agree with this.

The information we provide to the users must be something that is relevant to users’ interests.

Map is a tool to assist users to know a place more. “If the user doesn’t know the area, results on a map mean nothing.” Right, and that’s why our mission is to help users to know more about the areas.

Lifestyle Search

Buying a home is buying a new life.

I have been thinking about how to help people finding a home with the life they want. If digging into this top, I think I will have to make one more degree project..

BlueScape Search

By telling them what images you like and dislike, they find the homes that you may like.

It is definetly more interesting than traditional filters, but I wonder how accurate it can find the right ones for you.

The images are pretty and attractive. When the results come out with the realities.. It’s kind of dissapointing..

I have decided to design an app for big screen such as laptops and tablets. It aims to integrate relevant information and then present it to users in a slick way.

Meanwhile, I found a similar design. As the video shows, it’s a US based real estate iPAD app- ZillowIt explains the concept of saving people from messy navigations in a lot of web pages.

Mapping America

Get to know more about an area.

It might be a sensitive topic in Sweden tho.

Ben the Bodyguard

A nice way of illustrating a service value proposition.

The service is to protect your sensitive stuff on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Prototyping and testing

A paper prototype has built to try out with users to see how do they like the service concept.

This prototype contains three parts,

- The service container

- Hard info interaction

- Soft info interaction


- People are amazed by soft info

- Personalized layout is good if it’s not going to take too much time working on settings

- Hard info is about the house itself. Soft info is about the life.